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Ferrets 2023 Calendar
Ferrets 2023 Calendar

The curious and sweet nature of ferrets is on display in the colorful pages of the Ferrets Wall Calendar 2023. It is the perfect gift for ferret owners and makes a great addition to home or office decor. The calendar features a large grid for keeping track of important dates and special occasions with shaded weekend days to help you visualize your week.

Guinea Pigs 2023 Calendar
Guinea Pigs 2023 Calendar

They’re not actually members of the swine family, but these little guinea pigs are liable to cause squeals of delight. Short-eared, plump, and furry, guinea pigs are native to South America but have adapted to life in other climates.  This darling square wall calendar makes it clear why so many people love guinea pigs.

Hamsters 2023 Calendar
Hamsters 2023 Calendar

Hamsters are one of the country's favorite pets. They come in many different colors and can store up to half their own body weight in food in their cheek pouches! Celebrate their cuteness in this 2023 calendar.