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2025 Call of The Wild Calendar

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2025 Call of The Wild Calendar

Each of these twelve splendid North American wildlife photographs are accompanied by a unique interactive QR code. Scan each code with your smart phone to hear the distinctive calls of loons, bull elk, wild turkeys and more in this one of a kind wall calendar!

2025 Wild America Calendar

Renowned wildlife artist Jim Kasper realistically portrays a variety of North American animals and their glorious habitat in this striking wall calendar.

Northwoods Wildlife 2025 Calendar

The northwoods is a sweeping, rugged land of sparkling blue lakes and dense forests. Folks are drawn to the region not only for its natural beauty, but for the animals dwelling here as well. This calendar features vivid photographs of loons, eagles, moose, wolves, porcupines and more depicted in their northwoods home. 

Life in The Northwoods 2025 Calendar

Photographer Michael Crowley lives in the northwoods surrounded by sparkling lakes, rushing rivers, spectacular scenic views, and a host of wildlife. You can almost smell pine scent as Michael shares these 12 full color magnificent northwoods photos.