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Schipperkes 2022 Calendars!

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The Schipperke originated in Belgium, and its name is Flemish for "little captain of the boat." It earned this fanciful moniker in its days as guard dog aboard canal barges. Clever and quick moving, the bold, playful Schipperke doesn't let its diminutive size stand in its way. Schipperkes are very loyal to their families, and they have a special affection for children. This wonderful Schipperkes wall calendar salutes these little canine skippers.

Schipperke 2022 Calendars
Schipperke 2022 Calendars

The Schipperke Calendar 2022 makes the perfect office or home accent for fans of this breed, featuring large color photos Schipperkes so that you can admire and enjoy. The large monthly grids are spacious enough to record all of your appointments and personal dates. Printed in a sizable 12 x 12 format, this calendar is usually a testament to this energetic watchdog.

Schipperke 2022 Calendars
Schipperke 2022 Calendars