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Rat Terriers 2022 Calendars!

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Rat Terrier 2022 Calendar
Rat Terrier 2022 Calendar

The Rat Terrier is an American crossbreed that originated in the 19th century. These terriers were bred primarily as farming and ranching dogs that were able to help eradicate vermin, protect livestock, and chase small game animals. Inquisitive, smart, and affectionate, these dogs exude spunk and enthusiasm for play and for their loving guardians. Fans of the terrific Rat Terrier will love this square wall calendar.

Rat Terrier 2022 Calendar
Rat Terrier 2022 Calendar

MADE IN THE USA. The original dog breed calendar! MADE WITH PROFESSIONAL CONTENT DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY - Featuring the best dog breed photographers on the planet. Each of the monthly pages contains past and future referencing dates to plan and track your monthly goals + Bonus four months calendar reference page is for your long-term strategy and planning.