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Norwegian Elkhound 2022 Calendar!

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The Norwegian Elkhound is a majestic, thick-coated dog that has been around for several thousand years. Courageous and proud, these dogs have been used to track and hold big game such as moose, elk, and bears. Though a somewhat independent-minded breed, the Norwegian Elkhound is a very faithful companion. Those who appreciate the loyal and bold Norwegian Elkhound will enjoy this splendid wall calendar.

Norwegian Elkhound 2022 Calendar
Norwegian Elkhound 2022 Calendar

The versatility and hardiness of this dog breed can be found in the Norwegian Elkhound Calendar 2022. The calendar contains thirteen monthly Elkhound photos together with large daily grids allowing you to record your important dates. The amazing art-quality images make a great addition for your office or home.

Norwegian Elkhound 2022 Calendar
Norwegian Elkhound 2022 Calendar

MADE IN THE USA. The original dog breed calendar! Featuring the best dog breed photographers on the planet. The Norwegian Elkhound Wall Calendar 2022 not only features fabulous photography sure to brighten your day, but also includes a wide open grid with ample space to jot down all of those special dates and anniversaries.


Dear Santa, Define Naughty! This beautifully designed Christmas Ornament displays your favorite dog wearing a Santa Hat and a red banner asking "Dear Santa, Define Naughty"! Featuring the watercolor paintings of renowned artist Tamara Burnett, this porcelain ornament is sure to brighten up your holiday, of course, as well as any space all year round. Approximately 3" in diameter, 1/8" thick, the ornament hangs on a gold colored thread.