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Norfolk Terriers 2025 Calendar!

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Norfolk Terrier 2025 Calendar
Norfolk Terrier 2025 Calendar

Norfolk Terrier 2025 Calendar
Norfolk Terrier 2025 Calendar

Norfolk Terrier 2025 Calendar
Norfolk Terrier 2025 Calendar


About the Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier calendars are a delightful choice for dog enthusiasts who adore this energetic and friendly breed. These calendars feature a collection of captivating photographs or charming illustrations of the Norfolk Terriers, showcasing their unique characteristics and playful nature.

The Norfolk Terrier is a small, lively, and affectionate dog breed known for its friendly and spirited nature. Originating in England, it was primarily bred for hunting small game such as rats and foxes. Today, Norfolk Terriers are popular as companion pets due to their charming personality and compact size.

Norfolk Terriers have a compact and sturdy build, standing about 9 to 10 inches (23 to 25 centimeters) tall at the shoulder and weighing around 11 to 12 pounds (5 to 5.4 kilograms). They have a square-shaped body, with a broad head, expressive dark eyes, and a wiry double coat that comes in various colors, including red, wheaten, black and tan, or grizzle.

One of the notable characteristics of Norfolk Terriers is their friendly and outgoing temperament. They are sociable and enjoy being part of the family. They get along well with children, making them suitable for households with kids. Norfolk Terriers are generally good with other dogs but may have a high prey drive towards smaller animals due to their hunting background.

Norfolk Terriers are intelligent and curious dogs. They are quick learners and can excel in obedience training and various dog sports. However, they can also be independent thinkers, so consistent and patient training methods are necessary. Mental stimulation, interactive play, and regular exercise are important for their well-being.

Despite their small size, Norfolk Terriers are energetic and require daily exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. They enjoy walks, playtime, and exploring their surroundings. They can adapt well to both urban and rural environments, as long as they receive the necessary exercise and mental stimulation.

Grooming the Norfolk Terrier is relatively low-maintenance. Their wiry double coat requires regular brushing to prevent matting, and hand-stripping or trimming is necessary to maintain their coat's texture and shape. They are a non-shedding breed, making them suitable for individuals with allergies.

In summary, the Norfolk Terrier is a friendly and energetic companion breed that brings joy and companionship to its owners. With their compact size, cheerful nature, and intelligence, Norfolk Terriers make loving and entertaining pets. With proper care, training, and exercise, Norfolk Terriers can thrive as valued members of the family.

Did you Know?

Norfolk Terriers were originally bred for hunting small game, particularly rats and foxes. Their compact size, strong prey drive, and tenacious nature made them excellent at digging into burrows and flushing out the prey. They have a natural instinct for hunting and can exhibit determination and fearlessness when faced with a challenge. Despite their small stature, Norfolk Terriers possess the heart of a true hunter.

Norfolk Terriers and Norwich Terriers are two closely related dog breeds that share a common ancestry. Both breeds were originally considered as one breed, known as the Norwich Terrier. The distinguishing feature between the two is their ears. Norfolk Terriers have dropped ears, while Norwich Terriers have erect ears. Although they are now recognized as separate breeds, Norfolk Terriers and Norwich Terriers often get along well and can enjoy each other's company, making them compatible playmates and companions.