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Lhasa Apsos 2021 Calendars!

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Originating from Tibet as palace guard dogs, Lhasa Apsos exhibit keen intelligence and acute hearing. The name Lhasa Apso means "barking lion sentinel dog." Their distinctive long, heavy double coat, which drapes over their body all the way to the floor, gives them a very stately presence. Lhasa Apsos make affectionate pets as well as a delightful subject for these wall calendars.

Lhasa Apsos 2021 Wall Calendar

These hardy little dogs brought not only joy but security to Tibetan Buddhist monasteries where they were originally bred as watchdogs.  Today they serve as adorable, quick-to-please, home companions for owners worldwide.  The large format wall calendar features daily grids with ample room for jotting appointments, birthdays and reminders; six bonus months.

Lhasa Apso 2021 Calendar
Lhasa Apso 2021 Calendar

The stunning photography pays tribute to these smart pets in the Lhasa Apso Calendar 2021. With large grids for each month to keep track of all your important dates. The 12 x 12 calendar is printed on heavy weight paper and makes a colorful addition to the office or home decor.

Lhasa Apso 2021 Calendar
Lhasa Apso 2021 Calendar

Attention all Lhasa Apso lovers and owners! Look at your favourite four-legged friend featured in this monthly calendar and brighten any room with its playful images.