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Italian Greyhounds 2022 Calendars!

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Italian Greyhounds 2022 Calendar
Italian Greyhounds 2022 Calendar

2022 Italian Greyhound Calendar! The Italian Greyhound got its name because it was a popular dog in Renaissance Italy. However, it is actually believed to have originated in the area which is now Greece and Turkey. These dogs love running and playing, especially with their favorite humans. They are widely known as great companion dogs! You will love our 2022 Greyhound wall calendar.

Greyhound 2022 Calendar
Greyhound 2022 Calendar

The Italian Greyhound Calendar 2022 showcases these admirable peaceful and gentle qualities of this breed. This 12 x 12 wall calendar contains monthly grids where you can jot down all the important occasions in your schedule. Accent your home or office decor with colorful art\-quality photos depicting the gracefulness of the Italian Greyhound.