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Irish Wolfhounds 2021 Calendars!

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Irish Wolfhounds 2021 Wall Calendar
Irish Wolfhounds 2021 Wall Calendar

The shaggy-coated Irish Wolfhound has a peaceful, loving, and quiet personality. The tallest of dogs, Irish Wolfhounds need plenty of space to maneuver. Intelligent and trustworthy, they make wonderful companions. Sometimes these sensitive hounds are simply called Irish dogs. Enjoy this spectacular breed with this wonderful wall calendar.

Irish Wolfhound 2021 Calendar
Irish Wolfhound 2021 Calendar

Get up close look at the tallest dog breed each month with the Irish Wolfhound Calendar 2021 . The large grids of this calendar provide enough room to write down each important note throughout the year. The beautiful photography and various types of wolfhounds make this calendar a perfect accent to any home or office.