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2022 I love Puppies Calendars!

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I Love Puppies 2022 Calendar
I Love Puppies 2022 Calendar

They trip and they slip. They tinkle - maybe sometimes where they shouldn't. They're puppies. They're learning. With all that boundless energy for play, those irresistible eyes, and the flaps upon flaps of skin to fill, puppies are just adorable. Let the sweet, lovable, and innocent puppies in this square wall calendar brighten every one of your days this year.

For The Love of Puppies 2022 Calendar
For The Love of Puppies 2022 Calendar

Sweet, adorable, and eternally devoted, puppies inspire love and hope. With their playful spirit, they remind you of the importance of making time for fun and games. This popular mini calendar is the perfect size for any small wall space and will bring you the joys of having a puppy in your home.