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Bloodhounds 2022 Calendars!

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A Franco-Belgian breed, the Bloodhound is sometimes called the Chien de St. Hubert. Bred as hunters, Bloodhounds are intelligent and strong, and have a keen sense of smell to go along with their booming voice. They have been esteemed partners of law enforcement officers for close to 200 years. Gentle and affectionate, they love children. Images of these happy, sleuthing hounds fill these delightful wall calendars.

Just Bloodhounds 2022 Wall Calendar
Just Bloodhounds 2022 Wall Calendar

Big-hearted and big-boned with a nose that's second to none, Bloodhounds are affectionate and friendly, with very little awareness that they may be slightly larger than the lap they're attempting to sit on. They shed, slobber, and counter surf but those big sad eyes and floppy ears will get them out of almost any predicament. Printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper, this wall calendar features large monthly grids that offer ample room for jotting notes, along with six bonus months of July through December of 2021. Also includes moon phases (CST), standard U.S. and international holidays.

Bloodhounds 2022 Calendar
Bloodhounds 2022 Calendar

2022 The Bloodhounds Calendar! The Bloodhound is the world's most famous scent dog. They can be seen in a hundred different noir stories, guiding detectives over long distances using their highly sensitive smelling abilities. Not only do they have an instinct for tracking, but they are also calm and affectionate, making them great pets! Enjoy our 2022 hound wall calendar.