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Akitas 2022 Calendars!

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Akitas were originally bred in the mountainous northern region of Japan. One of the most famous Akitas was a dog named Hachiko who was known for his undying loyalty to his master. Akitas are a strong dominant dog, but when trained properly are very confident and make a great companion.

Akita 2022 Calendar
Akita 2022 Calendar

The large format of the Akita Wall Calendar 2022 captures the power of this handsome breed. Thirteen full color photographs printed on quality paper make this calendar art for the home as well as an indispensable daily tool. You will find an open grid format perfect for entering all the dates and events that are important in your life.

Just Akitas 2022 Wall Calendar
Just Akitas 2022 Wall Calendar

Affectionate, Big, Courageous - these are the ABC's of Akitas. Originally hailing from Japan, their popularity continues to spread among dog lovers worldwide. These 12 full-color photographs capture all the Akita's wonderful attributes. The large format includes daily grids providing ample room for jotting appointments, birthdays and personal reminders. Also includes six bonus months of July through December; moon phases; U.S. and international holidays.

Akita Information: The Akita is officially recognized as a national treasure in Japan. To the Japanese, these powerful and alert dogs symbolize health, happiness, and a long life. Helen Keller introduced the first Akita to the United States. Admired for their devotion and courage, they are also exceptionally clean dogs.